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The Yoga Vasistha

"Creation is what one sees and is aware of, and this is within oneself."  Vasistha

Vasistha says:

"Welcome O wanderer who has not found the right path. Do not fear. You have indeed reached the door to emancipation."

Peggy Kane has created a beautiful image of the teachings of Vasistha to Rama.

Click here for the entire painting, this is a detail from the canvas!

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For the disillusioned who have realized the emptiness of worldly objects -

A way to transcend sorrow, restlessness, separation, grief, fear and death. . .

to reconcile science and spirituality. . .

to live in the world while remaining in peace.

from the scripture -- How can one who is involved in the world and its activities ... reach the supreme state of peace and bliss?

This scripture (the Yoga Vasistha) dispels delusion and enables you to realize that (when one rests inwardly in the infinite consciousness) ordinary life itself is the supreme state. Therefore, one should study at least a small part of the scripture daily.